At Royal Oak Purchasing, we take pride in providing specialized and quality service. The following references represent a few of our many clients who recognize this:

GC San Francisco
Gino Castano, Principal
(415) 515-3269

David Sussman
(415) 269-9761

Carneros Holdings, LLC
Nicholas Monroe, CFO & General Manager
(707) 299-4994

Jon Kline, President
(949) 706-3400

RAO’s Restaurant Group
Frank Pelligrino, Chairman
(949) 706-3400

Electronic Arts
Ken Stuart, Head of Global Program Management, Facilities
(810) 410--7745

Kimberley Nunn, Principal
(707) 259-1924

EDG Design
Jennifer Johanson, Principal
(415) 454-2277

HVS Design
Christine Shanahan
(240) 683-1123

Cole Martinez Curtis
Jill Cole, Principal
(310) 827-7200

“Very professional and knows everyone in the business. He’s very much no-nonsense and insists people perform to don’t risk that your job is delegated to someone junior who might not do such a great job.”
– David Sussman, Kimptom Hotel Group

“Executed beautifully a most-complex purchasing project... The end results were delivered on time and exactly what had been promised...By the end I realized there was no way we could have done it ourselves and there was no one better to have handled it all. Invaluable. Thanks for a great job!”
– Marcia Johnson, Marin Country Club

“He was terrific to work with!!! He was responsive, very diligent in his follow-up and treated our money as if it was his own...he saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars.”
– Jon Kline, Clearview Hotel Capital