Our Services

Our approach always follows the instructions outlined by the client. All documentation, from Interior Design specifications to Shipment Status Reports, will be reviewed for completeness and suitability, with a high level of attention to detail. We collaborate extensively with the project team, determining approval procedures, critical path schedule, budget guidelines, and overseeing shipping and installation. We investigate all alternative solutions that might maximize the budget, yet meet the design criteria.  For example, we take every opportunity to source furniture locally, not only resulting in savings on shipping costs, but also meeting our desire to reduce the carbon footprint.

Working with the NDH Corporation, managing and expediting costs have fallen under budget in 100% of our previous projects, and we expect to continue this success rate in the future. Our approach includes strategic and careful planning, and full disclosure of product availability, pricing, and design implications. As such, we have cultivated our reputation as a dependable, thorough and knowledgeable purchasing company.

Project Development Phase
  • Preliminary item specification review
    • Product description and dimensions
    • Cost
    • Operational Integrity
    • Funtionality
    • Accuracy
  • Preliminary line item budget preparation
  • Model room procurement
  • Critical path scheduling
Bid and Order Phase
  • Alternative sourcing options
  • Bid requests and price analysis
  • Attic stock determiniation
  • Cash flow projection
  • ROP Purchase Order issuance
  • Vender expediting and follow-up
  • Invoice review and approval

Traffic Management and Installation Phase
  • Third-party logistics management
    • Scheduling of in- and out-bound freights
    • Carrier selection
    • Customs clearance (if necessary)
    • Coordination with Installation Contractor
  • Installation and warehouse management
  • Vendor and installation contractor follow-up
  • Budget control reports
    • Shipping Status reports (monthly, then weekly)
    • Freight Cost reports (monthly)
    • Line Item Cost Sheet (weekly)
  • Variance analysis
  • Warranty and maintenance documentation
  • Flame Spread Certificate documentation